Welcome to my website,

For many decades I have been helping people break new ground in their life, with solving vexing problems and with acquiring personal success habits. Also for decades, I have been teaching the skills of clinical hypnotherapy at beginner levels and advanced levels to people wanting to enter the profession as well as other health professionals (Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers and Counsellors) and providing government accredited courses at my teaching institution, the Academy of Applied Hypnosis. Hypnosis is not magic, yet it seems consistently capable of delivering what seem like ‘magical’ outcomes in the lives of people who want change, relief or enhanced capabilities. I have represented the profession to government and lectured overseas still maintaining my clinical practice in Hornsby (Sydney).  

We sponsor the ‘Hypnosis Advisory Line’ so I welcome your inquiry to see how clinical hypnotherapy or my expertise and experience can help you get to where you want to be. There is a long list of things that hypnotherapy can help with and you will see a partial list here on the website. I welcome your comments, feedback and inquiries.


Dr Leon W. Cowen

If you would like to see me in my practice, just call Francesca on 02 9415 6500.